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How To Read Your Meter

  1. Locate your meter. For residential homes, your meter will usually be located near the road, and at the boundary of your property and your neighbor’s property. Meters are located inside black or grey reinforced plastic water meter boxes.
    For multi-unit premises such as condominiums and apartments, check with your landlord for your water meter’s location.

  2. Open the meter box cover. Use caution. You may need a screwdriver to lift the cover out of the recess in the top of the box.

  3. If there is more than one meter in the box, determine which meter is yours by comparing the meter serial number on your billing statement to the numbers stamped on the meters in the box. Your meter will match the meter serial number on your statement.

  4. Open the dial cover on top of the meter. You will see a dial with an odometer type counter in the top center of the dial.

    The dial reading numbers are United States gallons with tick marks reading 10ths of gallons. The counter reads in US gallons in increments of tens gallons. The gallons digit is fixed.
    So, if the reading on the counter indicates 133410 with the last 0 fixed and the dial is pointing to a tick mark just past 9, then the meter reading is 133419 and 1/10th gallons.



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